Setting up a local Postgres dev database on NixOS

I recently had to setup a local database for testing purposes. The last time I did that was on Mac OS. On that platform the awesome is available that sets up a dev database in seconds. (Seriously, if you are a developer on Mac you should check that out.) On Linux — and in my case NixOS – the process is more involved unfortunately. You can't (as far as I know) just put something into your dev environment shell.

Linux Software you should check out

Ripgrep Imagine grep or pt, but really really fast. Skim With Skim you can really easily find files in the terminal. It easily integrates with other UNIX commands. I use the following to easily open folders: alias c "cd (sk)". Entr This is also a utility that can be integrated with other commands. It's a file watcher that just works. I use it with nix-build to get it to file watch.

My Backup configuration: Backblaze B2 & Duplicati

A short while ago I had a catastrophic drive failure. While I was able to reuse the drive itself, all my files were lost. I have all my important files in git Repos. That includes my whole system configuration. (The beauty of nix.) This was the saving grace. I could recover my setup quite easily, but not as easily as I had hoped. It took up almost an entire day.

A Small Web CTF

I have built a small web-related Capture The Flag. Try to find all six flags. Go to to start! (Alternatively you can run a docker image locally.)

OLAF - Führungszeugnis online

Ich habe einen Hund. Er ist supersüß. Hier ein Bild: <img src="/images/dog.jpg" /> Er ist auch ganz lieb und sicher kein Kampfhund. Trotzdem ist es erforderlich, bei der Stadt Potsdam ein polizeiliches Führungszeugnis vorzulegen. Toll ist, dass man das direkt online beim Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz beantragen kann. Mit der Online-Funktion des neuen Personalausweises kann man sich bei OLAF anmelden. (Das funktioniert auch mehr oder weniger gut.